,Men’s jaws with the brandy drunk pedaling test ap

this, that someone said, like

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time of the day the video was played 140,000 times, that someone questioned the authenticity of the video, merely more namely not recognized by the man’s action, that its

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with the traffic police to ascertain the mouth of brandy Tricky traffic police Source: Jiangxi TV Recently, one was friends known as the

Fengtai valid segment of the traffic police detachment said that if the mouth with a wine check the alcohol content in the However, if the blood test chapter of the value does not surpass the limits, it is not drunk driving.

Since the latter half of the video tin only hear the sound, the reporter merely with the sound requirements of the police learned the man was beating opposition alcohol detector, and then queried if the traffic police to beverage, the man again denied, but were inquired to corner off or stop, holding a driver’s prerogative because alcohol testing. In the video information.

open this video, penetrate an old of almost 3 or four-year-old male sitting on the driver’s position, holding the steering wheel, the camera about their own alcohol test test that jaws, throat into the tolerate does not, work check the car the police drunk pedaling test, what will happen? capability of about 200 ml. Back to the automobile, the man driving when drinking a huge gulp of brandy and then in your mouth, then went to night driving drunk driving investigation traffic police. Result, he actually buffet the traffic police.

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,Vegetative coma 58 days behind the normal deliver

the saying works, people have forever happens, unfortunately, suddenly come to this elated family. In March, Yuqing have the emotion of numbness, in truth, this is a precursor to cerebrovascular ailment.

2007 年 Henan membership a vegetative natural childbirth pregnant women, birth weight of 1 kg baby girl. 2 months ago, she died of vehicle accidents resulting in caustic head harm, merely fortunately her unborn child secure.

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Wang Zhijie: As pregnant women are in a vegetative state, all decisions must be made at the relatives of her husband’s side have relatives, parents and sisters also have their own side if they decide the same, relatively cozy to deal with doctors, whether polemical with particular reference to motherly and fetal rights, we should be argued and decided along the hospital ethics committee and then to do. Fortunately, Yuqing family members agree, all treatment in order to ensure the safety of the mother-based, clinical decision to send great convenience doctors.

as in critical condition, doctors Yuqing do multiple operations to clear the intracerebral hematoma. But after nearly a month, Yuqing has been in a vegetative state of consciousness. April 26, she was transferred to City eight hospitals for further treatment.

Wang Zhijie: when we do two sets of maneuvers, if complications happen along the production process affect the safety of pregnant women, re-laparotomy. Yuqing with brain arteriovenous malformation, it is natural childbirth contractions happen, we fret almost if alterations in venous return due to cerebral arteriovenous malformations guide to re-bleeding, it is repeatedly discussed with the medic braat a time, they meditation all the deformities in the cranial surgery has been corrected, not longer bleeding. Get a doctor’s response in the affirmative, we decided to vaginal delivery.

2001 in Zhejiang, a 23-year-old vegetative state, brain decease in seven months after the birth of a 1.7 kg baby boy; Taichung, a woman in a vegetative state after a car accident, also gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

2005 in Liaoning Shenyang, a vegetative state pregnant mamas gave birth to babies, but infants with severe hydrocephalus, crying family members had to prefer to give up the liberate.

5 25 evening, the city eight hospital delivery room, accompanied by loud wails newborn, the presence of a dozen doctors and nurses cheered. After examination, the baby measured less due to premature birth, but in good health.


via consultation, Yuqing has cherished more than seven months pregnant, fetal development in good condition. Yuqing the hospital, upon the tangible location, suggested for induction of labor. However, some experts believe that at a time the fetus is normal, vegetative birth is not without precedent. For the another outlooks, and the family tend to the latter, necessitate conservative treatment.

It is regrettable that the boy’s mother was unable to share the joy of the birth of current life – bed capability, 24-year-old Yu Qing (a pseudonym) closed his eyes, his face lull. She is a has been in a coma for 58 days vegetative state.

Reporters: specific treatment, what areas need care?

Wang Zhijie: In our hospital, Yu Qing is the 1st case. From the literature, the servant past 5 years, pregnant women with less than 10 vegetable smooth distribution of reports, including two after waking maternity, newborn, mostly premature, at between 30-33 weeks pregnant. Britain has reported that over the past decade, a total of 12 vegetable pregnant women, newborns are surviving birth (preterm kid), but my mother waking only four people. Yuqing pregnancy to 35 weeks gestational age is the biggest one vegetable, and is born, it should be said is quite rare.

families of fetal abortion is denied

3 at the end of a night, navel swell Yuqing the toilet and suddenly fell to the floor, was rushed to a hospital specializes in braat the peak of, the top three, finally was analyzed as a .

The baby was immediately transferred to Children’s Hospital for detection and treatment, currently in agreeable condition, has been successfully transferred back to the metropolis 8 hospital for further treatment. The medical staff and kin members are hoping for a marvel to happen afresh – Yuqing early awakening.

journalist talk Hospital, agent adviser of the city eight Wang Zhijie:

pregnant condition turnaround

Wang Zhijie: tin not dine the vegetable needs of nasogastric nutrition, and even deep venous nutrition, nutrition in adding to consideration given to pregnant women absence, have to likewise take into account the needs of the fetus, proper calcium appendix.

time went by, but Yuqing has not regained consciousness. May 25, gynecologist base Yuqing emerged abbreviations and see ruddy, determined at 7:00 pm be transferred to the delivery room, ready to appliance birth.

2000 in Shenzhen, a female was senseless Le nape after 100 days, birth to in the vegetative state a healthy baby boy.

Reporter: Yu Qing’s physical condition?

Reporters: For this special delivery, the doctor what to do preliminary go?

twists and turns birth to baby boy

yesterday, doctors said, Yuqing has been proficient to wink, and nurses to look her tears, the condition of a decisive corner. Staff wish that one daytime she is fully {awake|wake up}, see at their cute baby.

recent years, cases of domestic vegetable delivery

Wang Zhijie: The main problem is to check and narcotic use. Fortunately, the occurrence of pregnant women have been pregnant while the June checkup and handling of pregnant women did not cause a significant impact on fetuses, infants born with score 8 to 10, retard all appearances of normal evolution.

Wang Zhijie: It should be said, her condition has a certain turn. Since the successful delivery, she appeared to answer to some stimuli, such as self-blink and so on. Nurses had to see her tears, which shows her there is an emotional awareness. Currently, she’s in settled condition, I hope she is fully awake one day to see a cute baby.

no the rational use of abdominal oppression deserving to Yuqing, fetal fetal heart 100 times per minute, fell beneath the fetal pate does no cut back on, which makes the presence of every medicinal staff to perspiration . They call with the mother’s appoint softly, her encouraging, fuel. And Yuqing seems emotional to everyone cries, began to slowly exert oneself, the baby’s fetal heart beat up another stubborn … …

in the eyes of colleagues and students, Yu Qing is a real beauty. She and her husband both graduated from a well-known university city, they adore is coming into fruition. Into marriage not long afterward, Yuqing have a pregnant, people look inward to a little life fall to world.

take into account the wishes of the families, the city will be explicit to hospitals for eight hospital ICU (intensive medication) defense for further treatment, obstetrics and gynecology medical staff for the critical ecology of their disease, to take custody of key rounds, at anyone time fetal movement monitoring fetal heart rate and other measures.

normal development of all aspects of newborn

vegetative pregnant, the baby how to deal with what? Doctor’s opinion divided.

special circumstances for mothers, director of obstetrics and gynecology, maternity nurse, doula midwife delivery room, brain surgeons, anesthesiologists, ICU nurses, alert, prepared to put in location a kind of emergency rescue equipment, and in the first notice to the 120 system is interlocked neonatal transport vehicle.

Reporter: Why was considering caesarean partition along the navel and not do?

night 10:15, Yuqing precocious birth apt a baby chap flat (35 weeks apt 37 weeks normal making), heaviness 2185 g. At this period, Yuqing has been in a coma because 58 days.

Morning News correspondent Yao Keqin

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Reporters: considering ethical issues narrated to it?

pregnant sudden cerebral hemorrhage June

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,Russian women nude and minus the pearly whale in

Russian beauty Ave Yushchenko ice, naked, playing with the white whale , like the beautiful

According to reports , 36- year-old Natalia far northwest near the Arctic Circle in Russia ‘s White Sea (white sea) space had a fearless and dancing with the white whale the afterward activity at a Russian photographer shooting beneath such a scene. Reported that , in the water as whether Yushchenko Ave beautiful

addition , oceanography experts recommend , because the white whale that animals ashore man-made materials such as diving suits are very emotional , do not like to touch artificial stuff , so Natalia If you want more intimacy with the white whale , best nude into the water , to a peel

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16 (Xinhua) BEIJING, June 16 , along to British medium reports, recently, two women’s globe free diving champion , the Russian pulchritude Natalia • Avril Yushchenko (Natalia Avseenko) To complete the experiment, follow the recommendations of seaman scientists , strip the body of the dress in subzero cold water , the undressed body and two voyage playing with the pearly whale , can be narrated as true

reported that , in mandate to keep beluga whales flee too far , studio personnel will be chapter of the sea laps up to beauteous women do not travel too distant , you can catch up with the white whale .

white whale is the giant in nature , they can show similar to facial expressions of person prescience and understood . In adding to the aquarium ‘s white whale , the world currently has approximately 100 000 white whales in the sea of life .

It namely reported namely the local sea water temperature by minus 1.5 degrees Celsius, the strip of Natalia obviously In common , mediocre people in sub-zero waters reside a 5 minutes, there namely the risk of death , but experienced divers Natalia is no equitable a yoga techniques , tin be up apt stay in the sub-zero sea water 10 minutes 40 seconds.

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